Basic Curriculum For Our Chaplaincy Program


To be a Level 1 Certified Chaplain, these are the 12 classes you will take when you get started…

1. The Chaplain’s Life And Ministry

• What Is A Chaplain?
• What Makes Christian Chaplains Unique?
• What Are The Qualities Of A Christian Chaplain’s Life?
• The 10 Commandments For People In Ministry
• What Is A Christian Chaplain’s Relationship With God Like?
• What Is The Christian Chaplain’s Character Like?
• 17 Essential Character Qualities Of A Christian Chaplain
• Tips For Leading A Person To Salvation

2. The Power Of Prayer In The Life Of A Christian Chaplain

• The Spiritual Impact Of Prayer
• Prayer And The Christian Life
• Prayer And The Devil
• Two Objections To Prayer
• Prayer Life Of Jesus Christ
• The Reason Prayer Is So Powerful
• Never Found Time Poem
• Quick Facts About Prayer
• Different Types Of Prayer In The Bible
• List Of Prayer Miracles Recorded In The Bible
• Prayer Challenge #1: People Of Prayer Needed
• Prayer Challenge #2: Begin The Day With Prayer
• Prayer Journal

3. The Power Of The Bible In The Life Of A Christian Chaplain

• The Value of a Devoted Heart
• The Bible is Not Just Another Book
• The Dangers of Not Knowing the Bible
• Why The World Hates God and the Bible
• The Seven Spiritual Benefits of Studying the Bible
• Hearing God Speak to You
• Bible Study Journal
• 100 Verses Every Chaplain Should Know
• When You Don’t Know What To Read, Try These 40 Amazing Bible Facts
• 45 Sayings Not Found In The Bible

4. The Power Of Faith In The Life Of A Christian Chaplain

• Parachute Faith
• The Devastating Effects Of Unbelief
• Gaining A Knowledge Of God And His Love
• Faith and Miracles: Removing The Limits You Place On God

5. The Authority Of A Christian Chaplain In Spiritual Warfare

• Seven Steps To Victory In Spiritual Warfare
• Quick Facts On Heavenly Angels
• Quick Facts On Demons And Fallen Angels
• Quick Facts On The Devil
• Quick Facts On Methods Used By The Devil And Demons To Attack Believers
• Quick Facts On Other Evil Spirit Mentioned In The Bible
• Quick Facts on the Occult
• 18 Reasons Why People Get Involved With The Occult?
• Quick Facts About The Christian’s Power And Authority Over Satan And Demons

6. The Christian Chaplain And The Ministry Of Counseling

• The Need For Christian Ministers In The Field Of Mental Health
• The Challenge Facing The Integration Of Christian Theology And Psychotherapy
• The Present Need For Christians To Get Involved In Counseling
• Counseling Tips For Christian Chaplains
• What Role Does The Bible And The Holy Spirit Play In Counseling?
• The Power Of The Gospel In Counseling
• Five Christian Counseling Mistakes To Avoid
• What To Do During The First Counseling Session
• Key Verses For 38 Common Counseling Situations
• Personal Data Inventory

7. The Christian Chaplain As Marriage Therapist

• Facts On Divorce In America
• A Christian Perspective On The Nature And Purpose Of Marriage
• The Bible And Divorce: Two Views
• Problems In Marriage That Lead To Divorce
• Biblical Solutions To Money Problems
• Biblical Solutions To Sex Problems In Marriage
• Biblical Solutions To Parental Interference Problems
• Pre-Marital Counseling Tips
• 10 Conversations Couples Should Have
• Before They Get Married
• Sample Wedding Ceremony

8. The Christian Chaplain As Consoler Of The Grieving

• The Fear Of Death And Its Inevitability
• The Origin Of Death And The Bible
• Death And The Old Testament
• Death And The New Testament
• The Christian’s Victory Over The Fear Of Death
• Ministering To The Dying & Grieving
• The Five Stages Of Grief
• How To Counsel Those Experiencing Grief
• Counseling Those Experiencing The Loss Of A Child
• Grief And Loss Assessment
• World Views On Death
• A Sermon Outline For A Funeral Service
• A Sample Graveside Service
• Scriptures For Comfort, Assurance, And Hope During Times Of Grief

9. The Christian Chaplain Serving In A Cross Cultural Ministry

• The Goal Of The Christian Counselor
• The Effective Cross-Cultural Counselor
• Overcoming Prejudice In The Counseling Session
• A Brief Look At Other Cultures
• Tips For Cross-Cultural Counseling
• World Religions Comparative Chart

10. The Christian Chaplain Serving During A Crisis

• The Definition Of A Crisis
• The Effects Of Crises
• The Three Types Of Crises
• Crisis Intervention
• Two Models Of Crisis Intervention
• How To Help… Those Who Are Considering An Abortion
• How To Help… The Those Who Had An Abortion And Suffer From Guilt
• How To Help… The Victims Of Abuse An Abusive Relationship
• How To Help… The Child Who Has Been Abused
• How To Help… The Person Wanting Freedom From Drugs And Alcohol
• How To Help… The Person Facing A Terminal Illness:
• How To Help… The Grieving Person Who Lost A Loved One
• How To Help… The Grieving Person Who Lost A Child
• How To Help… The Suicidal Person
• Potential Suicide Warning Signs

11. First Aid & CPR Tips For A Christian Chaplain

• Disclaimer
• Good Samaritan Laws
• A Warning About First Aid And Infectious Diseases
• First-Aid Kit Essentials
• Red Cross Recommended Fast First Aid Tips
• WebMD’s Extreme Weather First Aid Tips
• Basic CPR Instructions

12. Christian Chaplain Ethics

• The Definition of Ethics
• God’s Calling To The Chaplain Ministry
• The Christian Chaplain Code Of Ethics
• Preamble
• Core Ethical Values
• Ethical Principles Concerning The People You Help
• Ethical Principles Concerning My Local Faith Community And My Personal Practice Of Ministry
• Ethical Principles Concerning The Local Community

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