businessWe offer three levels of Chaplain Ministry training

#1- The CERTIFIED Chaplain Program

This is our core training curriculum that prepares and qualifies our students to work confidently in the area of Chaplaincy. The cost of the training is only $139.99 and includes
  • the application
  • the textbook
  • the test
  • credentials

Upon successfully passing the class you will receive your ministry diploma certifying you as an official chaplain with our organization.


#2- The  LICENSED Chaplain Program

This is our advanced training curriculum that takes the student deeper into effective ministry and requires 100 hours of volunteer or ministry service outside of regular church work.
The student will take five advanced ministry classes that go deeper into Christian counseling and knowing the Bible better.
The included courses are…
  • Introduction to Christian Counseling
  • Introduction to the Old Testament
  • Introduction to the New Testament
  • The Life of Jesus Christ
  • Introduction to World Religions

The cost of this training is $299 and includes…

  • Textbooks
  • Tests
  • Media material
  • New credentials

Upon completion of this level of study, the student will be awarded an official badge and holder, licensing them as a official agent of our organization.

PLEASE NOTE: At no time is the chaplain ever to use this badge to imitate law enforcement. Doing so will result in revocation of your credentials, expulsion from the organization, and whatever criminal penalties the government in your local jurisdiction may impose.

#3- The PROFESSIONAL/ MASTER Chaplain Program

This is our highest level of training and qualifies a person to work in several fields as a Professional chaplain and earn a full or part time salary. This also qualifies a person to become a paid recruiter and/ or trainer for SAMARITAN RESCUE INTERNATIONAL CHAPLAIN MINISTRY and

earning commissions from $25.00 to $200.00 per recruit.

We believe in empowering ministry chaplains in the body of Christ in becoming financially independent.  More about the PROFESSIONAL Chaplaincy program including the cost and courses needed will be announced later, but it will involve the applicants having completed Level 1 & 2 programs and possibly a few Pastor Clinical Education classes.